A fly-on-the-wall film crew follow cult Comedy Rock Band ‘Dead Cat Bounce’ on a desperate quest across Europe to reunite lead singer Jim with his long-lost father, who he believes is the legendary rock singer and Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale. Crossing Ireland, England, Norway & Denmark the band follow the Whitesnake Forevermore tour across Europe. They’ve got no money and no idea what they’re doing – just blind faith that one day soon Jim will be sharing a jacuzzi in a 5-star hotel with the Dad of his dreams… and hopefully some hot Asian chicks.

Starring Demian Fox, Shane O’Brien and James Walmsley of the multi-award winning comedy rock supergroup Dead Cat Bounce. Directed by George Kane (Sketchy BBC – Northern Ireland, Live at the Electric – BBC3). Produced by James Dean and Chris Carey (This is Jinsy – Sky Atlantic, Dirk Gently – BBC).

Discoverdale is now available on DVD and BluRay in Japan. It’s also available to buy and streamĀ on itunes, Amazon and a number of other VOD services in the USA.